Foxpc Repair & Web Design Services

Offering professional computer repair and data recovery services. Covering the san bernardino area. main office location is yucaipa ca. 2nd office location beaumont, ca. a flat fee service proveder $80

Blessed Websites

Offering professional web design services that include. e-commerce, basic website designs with customizations. s.e.o, google placement certified, logo, advertisement, geolocating, and much more! visit to learn more! a basic starter package is just $255.00! link is below! Blessings!

Blessed Mobile Apps

Offering professional mobile web friendly apps that are in both the android and apple store for download! this is a flat fee service offered with a monthly of $49.99 per month. please visit www.blessedmobileapps to learn more! link is below! enjoy! Blessings!

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